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In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Friday, May 14, 2010

Christmas 2008

Our Christmas Day is a bit split up by schedules anymore. Since the kids have all reached adulthood there is none of those up at the crack of dawn ready-or-not Christmas Mornings.

My son, pictured to the left playing Santa, works nights, so He prefers a late start.

He is the only one of the kids still living here with us.

With both girls working at animal shelters and both volunteering to work on Christmas, we get a late start anyway. Laurel worked at the SPCA until noon, so we didn't pass out gifts and open them until after 12:00 PM.

Here she takes her turn at being Santa.

Noelle had to leave after we opened to go give medications to animals at the Delaware Humane Shelter. Here she doesn't notice I am taking a picture, but Darryl was quick to get a foot between himself and the camera.

She went into the shelter at 2:00 and got back home a little after 4:00, then we sat down and had a nice turkey dinner.

After dinner we headed north into Pennsylvania and made the hour trip to my parents. We used to get together at our place, but my parents don't want to make the drive anymore and although we took Thanksgiving Dinner up, it just got complicated with the schedules on Christmas, so we ate separate dinners this year.

Here is my dad (age 90) and mom (age 88) in their living room.

My wife and my dad watch as Noelle opens a gift from her grandparents.

My mom puts out all kinds of creatures about the room on Christmas. I don't know what all is on the coffee table.

My wife opens a sweater she received.

My dad is contemplating what he will open next.

Noelle hides again as my wife watches what my mom is doing.

If you wonder where Darryl and I are hiding, well I'm taking the pictures and Darryl is fast asleep in an easy chair.

He works nights as I said, and this was just too long a day for him. Plus my mother always has the temperature so high you kind of drowse off from the heat.

Anyway, I didn't take a lot of pictures. here is one I did manage with no one hiding from me.

Laurel, Noelle and my wife.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year all!

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Farrah said...

Merry belated Christmas!

A "Larry t-shirt" is a shirt with a picture of Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales, a popular serious of cartoons with Christian messages. :-)

Your question was cute with how you signed your name at the end.

You would be more like . . . Larry the Poet! :-)