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-- Larry E.
Time II

Monday, May 31, 2010

How Greedy can you get? Major League Baseball hits a fowl ball..

The Associated Press reports Major League Baseball has banned Little League Teams from using shirts with the names of Major League Teams, unless these are purchased from a specific vendor, which charges a higher price. Now why would they care where the kids get their team uniforms? Because they want a cut of the purchase price, of course. You would think Major League Baseball was making enough money all ready, but to those who love money there is no limit to greed.

Without players, there is no Major Leagues and thus no money for the already too rich owners of sports teams. It would seem to be in their best interest to encourage the youth playing baseball in Little League or Babe Ruth League or any other league giving youngsters a place to learn and love the sport. Some of these kids will grow up to be the future baseball stars that draw fans into the seats that put the bucks in the owner's pockets. Or even more importantly from a business sense, the fans who go to the game or watch TV and thus put money in the owner's pockets through ticket purchases or cause those lucrative TV contracts owners receive. In fact, even if most of these kids will not ever be major leaguers, it boosts their interest in the game, and in the teams whose names are blazoned across their chest.

Instead of dictating that Little League must buy more expensive logo shirts from the licensed shills of Major League Baseball, the team owners, if their had an ounce of decency, would donate uniforms to Little League. At least, they could take it as a charitable contribution on their corporate taxes so they got something back, since obviously generous hearts are not part of the issued equipment of Major League Baseball.

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