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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of a Perfect...Ha!

Just a quick follow up on this gloomy day. It was a day off, a time I get to take a good walk, which you know if you read my last post, did not happen.

As if to taunt, the wild winds, which lashed the trees and almost blew a sneaky squirrel out of the bird feeder it had invaded, by mid-morning blew out our power.

We remained in the dark-ages until late afternoon. Oh, how dependent we moderns have come on electricity. Everything in my life today resides in a computer and our entertainment in a wide box.

Habit also rules. Each time I entered another room of this rainy day dreary house I would flip the wall switch; how futile, how foolish.

Then in late afternoon a mysterious voice came out of the air. It wasn't God, it was something through the system modem. But at once I knew it was back. I now tried a wall switch and voila, light.

This was followed by the modern ritual known as resetting all the digital clocks in the house.

But all was not right. The TV came on with sound, but no picture. That's not good. I could display the channel guide. I checked the cables. No change. I could put a DVD in the player and it would play perfectly, sound, picture, the works, but trying to watch TV, no picture.

I called my provider and got a message there was a problem with service in my area, they were working on it. Still now late into this evening the same message, the same condition. Hopefully all will be right with the world in the morning.

Still and all, I feel certain the problem lies with the cable provider, not with my TV. I am in no position financially to have to replace that TV.

And then as I am all snuggled down for a long night's sleep, just drifted off to that far from troubles land, I am jarred awake by the Little Woman. It is pouring outside, I can hear the drain pipes rattle. It is not quite midnight. Will this day never end? My son's driver side window has dropped into the door and he can't get it up. Water is streaming into his front seat. Do I have anything to plug the dam.

I struggle back into my clothes and get a large plastic drop cloth from the basement. This we drape over his car door and shut it. This will keep the rain out, but he will have to get his window fixed and tomorrow I will have to run him to his job and back.

I return to bed with these incomplete problems dancing like rotting sugarplums in my head. I am soaked. I towel off and lay down and sing the Tomorrow song from Annie.

Yes, the perfect end to a something or other.

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Ron Tipton said...

A very funny post. When you write about your every day experiences (and travails) your natural writing talent really comes to the fore. I'm sorry you're having these problems even though I did enjoy reading your post.

One good thing about living in an open area with only one tree, the power rarely goes out unlike my former wooded home in PA. Almost every time there was a strong wind, the power went out and we also went through that modern ritual called Resetting the Digital Clocks.

"I return (ed) to (my) bed with these incomplete problems dancing like rotting sugarplums in my head. I am soaked. I towel off and lay down and sing the Tomorrow son from Annie." Love it Lar.

Keep up the best postings on the web.