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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'll Never Trust AccuWeather Again

Let me say I will never trust AccuWeather again. As I have noted, probably more often than anyone cares to hear, I like to take a long walk on my off days. Today was an off day, the only one, not counting the weekend, I get this week. I expect I may not get any next week, so I definitely wanted to get my walk, but rain has been predicted for these four days.

It was raining when I fed the birds, took out the trash and brought in the paper. But my little weather predictor on the computer was showing just clouds, so I went to AccuWeather to see what was up. What it said was "mostly cloudy with a few showers in the area." Fine, I then checked the hourly forecast and this showed only cloudy until 1:00 PM, when it indicated rain. Further examination of the report found, "Some showers, mostly in the afternoon."

I went outside around 8:00 and no rain. The sky was lightening and in the East even some blue shown. I decided to go for it. I drove out to my favorite park and there was only a fine mist. I parked and started up the hill and it was clear. I followed the twisting paths until I was deep into the woods and the rain came. This was no drizzle, this was a steady downpour. The trees afforded some protection, but it was heavy enough to get through the leaf cover.

What the hey, I was wet now and it was a hike back to the car so I would only get wetter, so I decided to follow the path through the four state parks. The rain continued my whole walk, although by the time I actually returned to my car an hour later it began to ease.

Oh well, in my last post I said I liked to walk undisturbed and in solitude. I got that today. I only met one other person stupid enou...I mean, dedicated enough to be on the trails. This was a young woman walking a rather bedraggled dog, which looked none to thrilled to be in this weather.  I came home, stripped off everything and tossed my clothes in the drier. But I got my walk.

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Ron Tipton said...

I am with you Lar! I have experienced the same thing. Yesterday I finally got my walk in on the boardwalk. Cloudy but no rain. On the way to the boardwalk I almost got broadsided at Five Points by a car running the red light. Today I decided not to go down to the boardwalk, thus to lessen my chances of being in an auto accident. Of course the sun is out bright and shining. As you say "What the hey?" Tomorrow I return to the boardwalk. I'll be very careful going through Five Points. I really missed my walk. Like you, I like to walk in solitude. Clears the mind. Refreshes the soul. Good exercise too. Another belt notch down is always good..