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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Grand and Glorious Entry

Sunset City sits centered in a city street. Mushmouth Manor is mounted upon a hill. It looked down upon me all the way up its drive and into the parking lot. I looked at the clock. It was exactly 1:00. I had just made it, although such timing was in my own head. I had made no such firm appointment here. My email had said I expected to arrive around one.

I walked up and entered into the lobby. It was quiet different from my morning visitation. Sunset City had an entry the size of my living room with a counter to the rear and a small sofa and table off to its right. Mushmouth Manor had a cavernous lobby worthy of a hotel. It was supported by columns and festooned with plants. There were a number of chairs and sofas facing in various directions and end and coffee tables. (The photo is not Mushmouth Manor's lobby, but of some grand hotel in Asia.)

I told the receptionist my name and that I had emailed, but she already had me on her schedule and said the Admissions Director would be with me shortly. She bid me have a seat. I choose a plush chair facing toward the counter. When I am waiting to meet with some personage I always prefer to be facing the direction from which I expect them to come.

The lady arrived shortly and led me back into the residence halls. I noticed when we passed into these corridors it wasn't so grand and glorious. The rooms where my mom would be housed were not noticeably different from those at Sunset City. As we walked and my guide chattered on about the benefits offered by Mushmouth I felt a vibe. I am not exactly certain why. It probably was something in the tone and attitude of the Admissions Director. I came away not particularly liking her, although she had given me no real reason for my feeling. Still, when I left I was negative toward the place with a distinct impression they were more interested in money than people.

But this was the place my mother preferred above all others at that time and I knew I couldn't change her desire because I had a gut feeling. It would be on my list.

I thought I would visit Garden Green at Deep Pond in the next few days and perhaps a couple of those homes further south, but when I arrived home I had a voice message on the phone from Ms Bubbly.

Ms Bubbly was the Social Worker for the hospital. She was the one who told me not to worry she had my back, she'd be by my side through the entire process and she would be my guide and guardian angel through this whole ordeal. She even gave me a hug. I was never to see Ms Bubbly again.

Her message was, "I need three names of Nursing Homes immediately," like now, like stat, like before you take another breath.

Go visit several homes before making a choice, she had said, and she now needs the names two days later? Who did she think I was, The Flash?

I left her a voice message in return, because of course she wasn't available to answer my phone call live. Nobody ever is anymore. I told her Mushmouth Manor and Garden Green at Deep Pond because they were my mom's two favorites. I threw in Sunset City because it was really the only one left in that area and the only one I had a chance to visit other then Mushmouth Manor. It seemed okay and besides it was last on this short list. I hoped she'd go for the number one choice and get mom to Mushmouth Manor.

I was pretty sure Ms Bubbly would do just that.

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