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In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flipping Out

Everything has a life expiration and sad to say my faithful Flip has reached its. I'm saddened by this demise, it was such a good little camera. It and I had many adventures together.

I knew it was coming. The thing was becoming stubborn about turning on, and sometimes turning off.  Still I had hope. I had taken a short video a few days ago of me standing in the snow on my early morning walk. When I got home that day, Flip wouldn't flick on at all and I thought it was done.

A couple hours later I just happened to push the on button one more time and it sprang to life. I was able to upload that video to my computer and to pull some stills off the result.

Yesterday morning was a repeat as far as me snapping myself on my walk. I was told last weekend that some actually looked forward to my little morning selfless, so why not. The camera turned on after about three presses. I pushed the film button, set it upon a stone wall and struck a pose. It was a nice location in the back of the Rose Garden at Rockwood. There were no roses, of course, unless you count my blooming face, but it still seemed nicely framed with the old carriage house as a backdrop.

A bit later on that walk I thought one place made a beautiful snowing scene, but my Flip flopped and I got no picture.

I assumed in this bitter cold it had simply froze up again as on the previous day. I would let it sit in the warmth of the house for a couple hours and it would switch on its light and I could get my portrait. Alas, no such revival this time. I tried throughout the day to no avail. I even stuck it in the USB port to try and get the film inside. Nothing happened. The computer no longer recognized any life within it.

I tried again this morning. I tried again just a few minutes ago around 5:00 PM. It remains dark and dead. In between those tries I knew the truth and went out camera shopping. I hated the prospect, especially the cost, but I am a hopeless photo fanatic and I have use for my videos and snapshots even beyond myself.

Unfortunately, a couple years ago Cisco decided to no longer make or support the Flip. You can buy them on eBay and other Internet sites, but I don't trust buying a used or reconditioned camera. What guarantee do I have they will last beyond a shutter click or two?

I saw a piece comparing the Kodak Zi8 to the Flip, but apparently these are also in the great once was.

Why they ceased making Flips I do not know. It was such a handy-dandy device. It was a video camera, but its software allowed for easily converting frames to still photos. It was simply to use, light to carry and did not look like a camera. You slipped it in a pocket and when a good shot was available, slipped it out and filmed away, usually without people knowing it was a camera.

Such animals seem to be rare or extinct now. I guess Cisco felt the built-in cameras in Smartphones
took away the market.

Anyway, I bought a Canon Powershot SX280 HS. It is essentially a still camera, but has pretty good video from what I've seen so far. It is a bit heavier than the flip and unfortunately looks like a camera when used.

It doesn't have some features I like on the Flip, like converting frames to slides, but I'll figure something out. It also doesn't have a timer, so getting myself in the picture is more challenging. But that is life, change and relearn and so we will.

Yet, I will miss that Flip.


slugmama said...

My daughter got me a Samsung WB30F last May when my dinosaur of a camera(Canon A40)died.
It was only $120 but a world of different in what it could do and the quality. It means my needs without going "high end" on my pocketbook.
I hope your new machine works out for you.

Ron said...

I'm sorry your Flip camera died. I'm even sorrier that Cisco doesn't make them any more. You're right, the Flip was so handy. You're also right that the new smart phones killed the Flip camera. I still think the Flip camera has features that even the smart phone cameras cannot match. It always saddens me when a perfectly good product is discontinued. I've seen it so often, especially with food products.