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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Monday, March 31, 2014

What, Nudity wasn't among them?

Before I wrote this essay I did a Google search on "American Couple".  Why, you may ask. Because it was one of the 10 top keywords that people searched that brought them to my "Drinking of Elder Men" Blog and I wondered why. I got a lot of pages with that search, but didn't find anything referencing anything I wrote.

One of those mysteries of a writer's life.

Surprisingly the word "Nudity" was not in the top ten. This is wondrous because one of the most popular essays I ever posted was titled "There is Nudity in This Post." In actuality there was no nudity in that post, unless you count some statuary in Phoenix, Arizona and the word nudity itself. It getting the most hits must say something about the public mind.

By the way, there is nudity in this post. It is right there on the left in plain sight - Marcel Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase", 1912.

Anyway, have you ever wondered just what drives people to click in and read what you wrote?  Some of the keywords are understandable, some are puzzling such as that "American Couple" and some are downright disturbing. Would "nudity" fall into the category of disturbing or humorous?

I understand "Peg Tube" and "gravity feeding bags". These terms turned up in several posts I did about my mother's struggles after she suffer a stroke two years ago on April 1. I am certain a number of people came up against those terms in similar health issues and were searching for explanations or descriptions of the procedure. I would say this was likewise with "tylenol arthritis" since I have written many times about my arthritis, and also specifically mentioned tylenol on occasion.

"Devils Road in Delaware" and "Cossart Road" were  popular keywords, not un-expectantly, for many are fascinated about this weird and popular urban legend around these parts. Everyone likes a good ghost story, plus I provided film.

It was a nice drizzly gray day when I took that ride, too, which really added atmosphere to my tale of eerie trees and mysteriously appearing pickup trucks.

Harold Bennett made the top ten. I did do a couple posts about the British cast members of "Keeping Up Appearances" and "Are You being Served", but of all the actors in those two shows, why Young Mr. Grace of "Are You being Served?" would be the featured attraction I have no idea.

I suppose searching for him and finding me is at least reasonable, I am not so certain about those who came to me after searching "Happy Tomato", but there it is coming in right before "Harold Bennett" on the list. Sorry, Mr. Grace, but happy Tomato beat you out.

In the section I would call disturbing, and in the upper half of the list, was the term, "Biblical king that poked eyes out". This is a bit nasty, is it not, but I did mention just such a character or two in my reviews of the History Channel's, "The Bible Series".

Finally and at the very bottom of the list, but still in the top ten and a little disturbing nonetheless was "hot men boobs". This is a popular search item and it led people to me? I mean, really!

Hmm, now I wonder if this post will prove popular because I used the word nudity in the title. We shall see.

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