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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And Now, the New Survival Adventure - Wimpyman!

There is this show on the Discovery Channel called "Survivorman" starring Les Stroud. It comes out of Canada (Ah, these crazy Canadians) and is filmed and narrated by Mr. Stroud, who goes off into extreme wildernesses and tries to survive for a week with nothing more than his sixty pound sack of cameras and film.

Well, I go off to somewhat less strenuous climes with a camera in my pocket and little else, so why not film how I survive. Thus we present the first episode of the adventures of WIMPYMAN!

Yes, packing my trusty camera, I venture into the wilds of Northern Delaware on foot, alone and hardy unafraid to face hills and rutted trails and sometimes scratchy bushes or slippery rocks to film the rigors of survival just for you.  In this case the highlights, well, some scenes anyway, from a nearly two and a half hour trek through the daunting paths of Brandywine Creek State Park, on the upper side down from the Nature Center.

Click below to follow Wimpyman's attempt at survival against jutting, hidden rocks aiming at his toes, of crunchy fallen leaves drowning out his narrative, of forty degree temperatures and howling winds (or was that just Wimpyman wheezing?) of water buffalo…Water buffalo?

See for yourself and spend the next almost hour on the trail of finding his way back to his car. Come and be, WIMPYMAN!

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