Banner photo of Larry Eugene Meredith, Ronald Tipton and Patrick Flynn, 2017.

The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Saturday, September 7, 2019


 Lois and I went grocery shopping last Tuesday (9/3). It was a struggle even though we took turns. Gizelle was happy because she could grab my chair. Lois and  arrived one exhausted. We just had to bring the stuff inside.

I didn't make it.

I fell carrying a 24-pack of water in. I must learn not to try and move heavy things. I fell at the first step and tumbled over the case. This skinned my knees up. and I tumbled over the water eating one my nose.  Now I didn't walk like  a drunk. I had the red nose to go with it.

Worst of all, I couldn't get up. Yes, I had fallen and couldn't get up I lay like a turtle in the sun.

Somehow I managed to stomach crawl near the door where I could bang for Lois' attention.  It got her attention, but she couldn't life me up. I feared she would fall as well.  She called out pastor, but he had no transportation. He was the only personI could think pf who would have been strong enough to get me up.  Somehow I managed to get up that one step and inside, but still could not get any further.   I lay there praying and finally found the strength to drag myself up one of the stair steps by grabbing the banisters. This got me to me feet and I made it to my chair.  I told the Physician Therapist who came Wednesday. He said he would have to report in to my doctor, which he did. Now the Dept of Aging people are coming to see Lo and I this coming Thursday. You con't want this disease.

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