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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Purpose of the Lair

The basic function of the Lair is to provide fun and entertainment.  Hopefully that is what it will be for those who may visit.  I’m hopeful that we will continue to grow the labyrinth, add more warrens and chambers and maybe some dark recesses as the months go by.  I began the excavation and development of the Lair sometime in May 1998 and have spent a lot of time just smoothing out the walls and hanging the pictures and such.  Now here in late June I feel the basic chambers and paths have been made fairly structurally sound and safe for passage and going forward I intent to focus more on the content than the facade. 
I make no apology for the quality of my writing or defense of my thoughts and ideas.  I hope you like my poems and fiction, but it is what it is and much of what we enjoy in the arts is a manner of taste and my taste may be quite different from yours, and that shouldn’t be taken as a snub of either of us.  If you don’t agree with some or all of what I may express on these pages, that is your right, just as it is my right to say it.  After all, most of what I say boils down to my opinion.  You don’t have to agree with me, or even like me, just respect my right to express myself. 
I plan to add some interactive stuff in the future that will allow you to feel more a part of the lair, but bear with me for a while.  I am still new to making web pages, just learning how to make graphics and animations and so am stumbling along somewhat crudely in some things.  I am trying to keep my graphics original, however, rather than taking pictures off of other sites.  The graphics in Ms Noelle’s Art Gallery were done by my second daughter, not by me. She originally drew them in Paint when she was about thirteen.
If, by the way, any of my links should fail, would you E-Mail me at msn so I can correct the goof.   I’m open to constructive criticism, and especially to nice comments, if your wish to sign my Guestbook in the Guest Alcove.
I did put on my some of my pages, which is one of the few commercial enterprises that Geocities allows.  If you feel inclined to order books from them, I would be pleased if you do through the Lair.  I do have a Lair Gif and Book Shop where I have featured some of their books as well as provide free gif souvenir’s of the Lair.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something enjoyable and I hope you’ll pass through the Lair again sometimes to see what’s been added.  If you did find something you enjoyed, I would ask you to add my page to any site links on your own page, and if you would like me to link you on my site, sign my guestbook with your URL and I will come visit.  (I hope you understand that I will decide what I link on my page and so will always check out the site before I do so.)

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