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The good times are memories
In the drinking of elder men...

-- Larry E.
Time II

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Love Computers -- Sure I Do

I love computers.  The personal computer is like a fulfillment of long ago dreams, back when I did my writing on a battered, second-hand Underwood manual typewriter and thought that was slick and sleek.  But oh how annoying it was to make any changes, to correct any misspellings (and I am a really adept misspeller) or make carbon copies.  I would dream of having some fabulous machine that would take care of all those problems, and lo and behold--the computer.
Yet, it seems you cannot have a dream without it occasionally drifting over into nightmare, and this week it has verged on being nothing but nightmares.
At work (yes, I’m afraid I do have a real world job) our computers are plugged into a network.  The network is the “evil empire”.  And it was shutting me down without warning.  Kapoof!  “Ha-ha, you wasted that hour of work.  It’s all gone in a blink of the cursor!”  And so it went.  It’s been a fickle beast all month.  Slow to move, slow to process, but quick to pounce and destroy.
And then the Network’s kith and kin, this Internet, this web, played it’s own brand of nasty magic.  I had a link on my webpage to another site, but last night when this person opened their site: Yikes!  Their home page was a white, blank sheet.  All their work had disappeared to who-knows where.  Alas, now they have moved to a new site and began to rebuild their neighborhood dwelling hopeful that no more cyber-tornados will come to blow it away.  When I get their new address I will put up their link again.  

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